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The Dyson vacuum has become the number one selling vacuum in the US. It originally came from the UK and now it has become a phenomenon. In case if you're wondering's because it's literally amazing. If you have used one, you will know why. A MUST for any pet owner. It works by spinning the air 6 times gravity. Yeah it may cost a pretty penny, but you save on bags and filters. CoolPetProducts readers know we LOVE keeping our air clean and here's one of the most powerful tool in the arsenal.

BiOrb has changed the look of an ordinary fish tank.  The biUbe is in a cylinder shaped of acrylic glass.  A built in filter with is located at the bottom so it does not interfere with the look of the tank or fish.  Filter cartridges last for up to 8 weeks to keep the water clear and clean.  Silver trim finishes off the tank making it easy to incorporate into a home or office.   The kit includes nearly everything you need, such as air pump, ceramic media, 12-volt transformer, halogen light unit, fish food, water treatment, and instruction booklet.  The only thing you need to do is add water and pick your fish.

There are a number of HEPA filters on the market and they aren't all the same. The Blueair air filter is super quiet so you won't even hear that it is running. It also has an intuitive sensor system that turns on only when it's needed. Air filtration is a must for pet owners and households in general. Even if you don't have allergies, clean air is highly beneficial to our well-being. This particular model is capable of keeping a 17'x10' room smelling fresh

Sleepypod’s mission is to create innovative, well designed, and functional products to complement modern on-the-go lifestyles. With a pet’s well being in mind, careful and caring attention to every detail has been placed into the safety of each product.

Highest Quality Disposable Enclosed Litter Box with litter or add your own. The best, most hygienic, easiest, super sturdy solution to cat sanitation.

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