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Dog Supplies

A little extra pooch pampering is something we can all get behind. Discover handpicked dog products at discounts worth howling about–with free shipping.

Fun Run in gray is a great outdoor or indoor toy that is easily set up and easily stored.  Your pet will enjoy running through and hiding in her new tunnel.  The perfect size for smaller dogs, cats, or rabbits, your furry friend can explore the outdoors from the safety of a tunnel.  This Fun Run can be connected to other Fun Runs for a longer tunnel to play in for your pet.  Sand pockets are built in to keep the tunnel from moving around when safely playing outdoors.  Buy one and let your indoor pet explore the outside world.

This is a great way to stop your dog from barking. Or to stop your neighbor's dog from barking if that's the situation. The Lentek Super Bark Free uses ultrasonic frequencies to train dogs to stop continuous barking episodes. This gadget is effective at stopping dog barking from up to 35 feet away and it uses 4 D batteries.

The Dyson vacuum has become the number one selling vacuum in the US. It originally came from the UK and now it has become a phenomenon. In case if you're wondering's because it's literally amazing. If you have used one, you will know why. A MUST for any pet owner. It works by spinning the air 6 times gravity. Yeah it may cost a pretty penny, but you save on bags and filters. CoolPetProducts readers know we LOVE keeping our air clean and here's one of the most powerful tool in the arsenal.

When dog groomers wash dogs they have them up high to avoid back strain and hurt knees.  Booster Bath allows you to do the same thing and avoid the pain when using the bath tub.  It is makes it easier to wash small or large breeds indoors or outdoors.  One end is open to allow your pet to get in and out.  An adjustable leash and collar is connected to keep the dog in position.  A rubber mat on the bottom of tub keeps your dog from slipping.  The legs have a rubber bottom to keep the tub in place.  Tub can be taken apart for easy storage or travel.

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